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Top 10 Preity Zinta's Performances

Weather its taking up unconventional roles or standing up against the mob. Preity Zinta is your girl. She is unarguably one of the bravest movie stars in Bollywood. Let's look at her top 10 roles that set her aside from her contemporaries. She even once mentioned in an interview that when she first joined the movie industry, she was teased by her friends on the probability that she will play mostly stereotypical Indian film heroin roles. This has motivated her to play roles that are different from the conventional ones played by leading ladies in the business.

10) Dil Se (1998)

Though Preity only had less than half an hour worth of screen time in her first film release, her role in this film as the Malayalee Preeti Nair already showcased her ambition to be different. Despite her short screen presence, she was very much noticed by audience because of a rather daring line when she asks her hero, "Are you a virgin?" This is not expected from a traditional Indian girl, but there you go. This role earned her first first Filmfare Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

9) Heroes (2008)

Preity Zinta plays Kuljeet Kaur, a traditional young Punjabi war widow who becomes the man of the house following her husband's demise. There is no doubt that she can play both traditional and modern women well. In this role, she gets the opportunity to fuse both roles into one and showcase her full potential as an actress.

8) Armaan (2003)

It is very rare for women to play negative characters because the protagonist in Indian films are mostly men, and they need an equally powerful antagonist. Since it is almost imaginable for a woman to be seen as a man's equal, this film is a rarity in the industry since it has Preity playing a villain. She plays Anil Kapoor's schizophrenic wife, Sonia; a role written specifically for her. She became one of the few women to receive a Best Performance in a Negative Role at the year's Filmfare.

7) Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003)

Preity once again plays the role of a modern, strong-willed Non-Resident Indian (NRI) as Naina Kapur. Though it was her frequent collaborator, Shah Rukh Khan who stole the limelight with his portrayal of a young man with fatal heart disease, Preity's performance was as good as always she won a Filmfare Ward for Best Actress.

6) Salaam Namaste (2005)

Having played a teen mum, a surrogate mother and a schizophrenic, it was time for Preity to push her own boundaries. In this film, she stars as the highly westernized Ambar Malhotra, a strongly independent girl who not only leaves India for Australia to pursue her dreams, but ends up living together with her lover before marriage. This was one of the first Indian films to deal with cohabiting. Preity was once again nominated for several awards.

5) Chori Chori Chupke Chupke (2001)

Preity plays a sex worker turned surrogate mother in this film, which became one of the first to address the controversial issue of surrogate childbirth. In preparation of the role, Preity visited Mumbai's red-light district to study sex workers' mannerism and body language. For her work, she received her second Best Supporting Actress nomination at the Filmfare Awards. 

4) Kya Kehna (2000)

This very unorthodox Bollywood film about single motherhood and teenage pregnancy became a box-office success. Preity plays Priya Bakshi, a teen mum fighting social prejudice in conservative India. Despite not having much commercial elements when compared to other successful Bollywood films, this film was a surprise hit. Apart from being nominated for several awards, including her first Best Actress nomination at the Filmfare Awards, critics also categorized her as being part of a new breed of Indian film actors that break away from character stereotypes.

3) Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006)

Being no stranger to modern, independent women roles, Preity plays the role of Rhea Saran, a highly ambitious fashion magazine editor who puts career before marriage. One critic describe her as so: "The lady has not just looked glamorous but she has walked with poise, sat with grace, smiled with composure and spoke with calmness. Who would have thought that the bubbly girl could so skilfully shed her age-old tag and walk away as the don't-mess-with-me lass. So all those who are in search of the peppy Preity, well guys you've dialed the wrong number this time." Unlike a traditional woman who might have forgiven her cheating husband, Rhea kicks him out and divorces him.

2) Heaven on Earth (2008)

In this film, Preity shows us she can also play the role of the submissive, traditional Indian housewife. Based on a true story, Preity plays the role of an abused young woman who left India to be married to a wealthy, Canadian NRI. Preity had a crash course in less than two months in Punjabi since the film is shot in that language. Her performance was recognized internationally and she even won three awards in the West.

1) Dil Hai Tumhara (2000)

This film earned Preity her reputation as a bubbly personality. In this film, she plays Shalu, a neglected stepdaughter who years for her stepmother's love and affection. Unlike most wealthy kids, she grows up to be a well-mannered and warm young lady. Though the film performed moderately at the box office, Preity's performance was critically acclaimed and went on to be nominated for various awards. If you have ever watched this movie, then you will know all the Kleenex in the world is not enough. 

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