Monday, April 4, 2011

The Young Thief

There once was a young thief who lived in a big city. He meant no harm to anybody. He stole from the rich and kept in for himself. Thinking that by stealing only a small proportion of what would be a huge amount of priceless property, her personally felt he was not bringing any harm upon anything. Therefore, he never felt guilty or bad over his profession.

One night, he decided to steal from the house of a young man who had recently made much profit from his business. The man stayed in a small house outside the city all alone. After finding out that the man would be spending the night over at a relative's house, the thief decided to rob this man's house that night.

The task was relatively simple. There were no guards or anyone else around. Once inside, the young thief was shocked to see the entire house filled with gold coins. He was suddenly filled with greed. He decide to steal them all. He took them out in their bags and placed them outside the house one by one. After one, he would go in to get another one. To his surprise, there was another young man standing outside the house. He told the young thief not to be afraid as he would not report him. Instead, the young man offered to help the young thief carry all the bags of gold coins outside. Reluctantly, the thief agreed to let the young man help him.

Once all the bags were carried out. The thief said, "Dear friend, you have been so kind to help me out tonight. I have never stolen so much in my life. Here, have half of all these bags of gold coins. Accept them as a token of my gratitude."

The young man just smiled and replied, "It's alright, brother. I don't need them. This house belongs to me. And all these gold coins were earned by me from today's business. I am expecting to earn twice more this amount from tomorrow's sales. I am very much assured that you, my brother, must be in some huge financial difficulty, which has forced you to resort to making money like this. If not, surely a young and healthy youth such as yourself will never resort to such a sinful way of life. You may keep all the bags. I don't mind, brother."

The thief was so shocked to hear this he fell to the ground. He then realized how wasted his life has been all these years. He finally repented and began to live a new, clean way of life.

The moral of the story is, one does not have to resort to harsh ways to educate someone. By love and passion, one can achieve this goal, God bless.

The Billionaire's Wife

Once upon a time, there lived a rich young billionaire in a big city. He was proud and arrogant of the wealth he had inherited from his late father. He often looked down upon those who he felt were beneath him. In order to secure his social status, he married a beautiful girl. Unlike her husband, the billionaire's wife was modest and down to earth as she came from a middle-class background.

One night, the billionaire and his wife were in their grand mansion alone having dinner, celebrating their first wedding anniversary. The billionaire had sent all his servants on vacation so he could spend a romantic evening with his wife in private. As the couple were about to dig into their meal, there was a knock on the door.

"Who in the world could that be?" the billionaire grumbled as he went to get the door. To his surprise there was a beggar begging for food. He was new at the city and nobody would give him a job. He had not eaten for days and he was recently mugged off all his money. He had heard of the billionaire's wife's generosity and had come to her for food, and maybe even a job.

The billionaire's wife felt pity for the young beggar. She then packed him some food and gave it to him. When she invited him in to stay for the night, her husband pushed him away, saying that someone as lowly as him did not deserve to stay in his grand mansion. Ashamed, the beggar left the mansion with his food.

The incident that night opened the billionaire's wife's eyes of her husband's true colour. Since then, the two always fought and withing a year, it was fated that their marriage was not to last till death did them apart.

With the alimony she received, the billionaire's wife opened her own boutique and made lots of money. She also became partners with another budding businessman. In a short time, with all the hard work they put in, both the billionaire's wife and her business partner became billionaires in their own right. Soon, their friendship turned to love and they eventually got married.

One night, the couple were having dinner in occasion of their wedding anniversary. It was a romantic dinner and they were all alone at home. As they were having their meal, there was a knock on the door.

"Who could that be?" the billionaire's wife wondered as she went to see who was at the door. There was a poor beggar. It turned out that he used to have money, but he lost it all in gambling, woman and drinking and was now left poor. All he wanted was some food.

The billionaire's wife quickly packed some food for the beggar from what was left on their dinner table. Her husband even invited the beggar to stay with them for the night. He even offered to give him a job so that he will not have to beg anymore in his life.

However, the beggar turned down the billionaire's offer. He then walked away, ashamed. When the beggar had left, the billionaire's wife started to wept uncontrollably.

"Honey, what's wrong?" the billionaire asked.

"That beggar who came to us for food - he is actually my first husband, my dear. After he lost all his money, he simply disappeared. Now I know, he had actually become a beggar on the streets!" his wife revealed.

The billionaire was shocked to hear this surprising truth. But he smiled and said, "And do you know what? Do you remember the beggar who came to you for food two years ago? That was actually me. With God's grace, I have become who I am today."

The moral of the story is: when we have everything in life, never look down upon those who are less privileged than us. You might never know when God might just turn your world upside down.