Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dhruva Natchathiram: A Teaser Breakdown

So the teaser came out on January 14th. Some are arguing it is more of a trailer on the basis of its length alone. It is over two minutes long. Any Gautham Menon fan will know that this project was originally intended for actor Surya, who backed out of the film. Now, a few years later, the project has been revived with actor Vikram. The teaser has Gautham Menon and Vikram fans all across the world excited for August 2017. 

So here is the one of the popular first look posters that was released a few days before the teaser. It has Vikram in a nicely tailored suit and a stylish salt-and-pepper look holding an American newspaper. So that was already a major hint that the film will be predominantly set in The States. Also, it had the hashtag #meetJOHN. 

Below is the original poster when Surya was attached to the project. It is a list of 11 names with a twelfth one simply stating "Looking for my 12th man." It had fans intrigued and it was such a downer when the project was infamously shelved. 

Another promotional poster of the revived film was released next. This one looked very similar to the Surya one, apart from a few names and the order changed. Also, this one does have a twelfth name, and it is Dhruv. There is also the phrase "My Basement" underlined below, just like in the Surya poster. Clearly, this basement is something important. What does it mean?

Over the next few days, before the release of the full-fledged teaser, a few promotional movie stills were revealed online. These three feature a seemingly younger Vikram with jet black hair. Could this be a younger version of the John character. Or could it be someone else. 

Then, there were some stills with a more mature-looking Vikram with the salt-and-pepper look playing John. Why two different looks?

Now let's go into the trailer.

We see Vikram getting some coffee at a New York cafe. In the background, there is an ongoing by two unknown characters. They are speaking about John who has gone off the radar for many years and have resurfaced after being spotted by the US immigration. He met with the US Secretary of State due to a drone strike on Pakistan and this somehow led to some problem with the CIA. 

We then cut to several montage scenes of John going about New York City in different looks. 

There is also mention of how this John is a threat to these unknown narrators. It is hinted that John is part of a covert Indian team of possibly eight to ten members. But we are not shown anyone else apart from John. Could it be just John operating as different personalities?

We then return to the scene of John with his laptop at the cafe. It is revealed that a mysterious Mr. K is the mastermind behind this covert team. This comes as a shock to one of the narrators, suggesting that this Mr. K is a character we should watch our for. 

Now one of the promotional posters had the word 'Basement' on it. Maybe it is not an actual basement but some kind of code name John is using, judging from this shot. 

As the Skype connection is made, John receives a message from another mystery person called Darkman, who claims to have Mr. K with him. This prompts John to make a Skype call to get to Darkman. Meanwhile, we are shown scenes of someone, possibly with evil intentions, secretly taking photos of John while he is out and about. 

We also see John talking to this girl, as well as going ice skating with her. Could she be an important character or just another extra?

One of the narrators state it is their agenda of the year to abduct Mr. K in order to eliminate John and his entire team. For that, they have a plan. It is possible that it is these guys who are shadowing John. 

And then, the audio and visual finally sync as John and Darkman finally speak via Skype. Darkman allows John to speak to Mr. K for awhile. Darkman demands John meet him at Cannought place in New Delhi if he wishes to see Mr. K alive. John accepts the challenge. 

The teaser ends with John walking through what seems to be the hanger of an airport where perhaps a plane is waiting to take him to New Delhi. 

Some questions that have me hooked:

- Who are the 8 - 10 members of this covert team? Could it be Vikram in a multiple roles?
- Only Vikram is shown in the teaser. Is this a hint he is working alone?
- Who is Mr. K? Is Gautham Menon playing him?
- Does the story line feature US, India and Pakistan? 
- Is Senthil Veerasamy, Gautham's long time associate playing Darkman?

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