Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Dream

A few nights ago, I had a dream that was beautiful yet deeply mysterious. I was stuck in a small town late at night. I was desperate to go home but I could not find a way out as I seemed to go around in circles. I also could not make out what town this was. For sure, it was nowhere in Malaysia. It could have been in India as the walls were filled with murals of Hindu deities. It also could have been Venice since there were streams and beautiful bridges. I knew that was my first time in that place but I felt as if I've seen it before on TV or in books. When I woke up, I struggled to remember where I had seen that town before. Only recently did I discover the town in my dream eerily resembled the set of a 2007 Bollywood film. Check out the pictures below of this gorgeous set.

Gorgeous isn't it? Oh yes... and everything was blue, black and green... Bhansali style.

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  1. This is just wonderful and fascinating. It was great to read and seeing pictures at the same time. That's really interesting and lovable. Thanks for this wonderful blog.