Friday, September 5, 2014

Neeya Naana: What Makes a Boy a Good Boy.

I  recently watched an episode of Neeya Naana that was aired on the 24th of August this year. The topic of discussion interested it me as it was about what makes a boy a good boy. On one side we had young men who represented the today's 'boys'. On another side were mostly parents, teachers and other members of society, including girls and young ladies.

The discussion started out with the host asking the members of society side what, according to their own code of conduct, makes a good boy. This is what they said:

1. The way he stands.

Boys who stand with their hands on their hips like the guy in purple are not good boys in one panelist's opinion. 

Standing crossed armed like this guy here is an indication of a good boy according to the panelist.

2. His hairstyle. 

A second panelist said a good boy always maintains a classic haircut like the guy standing. 

When asked, he pointed out that he does not favour this hairstyle as the hair is combed upwards and not to the side. 

3. The way his shirt is buttoned. It should be buttoned to second highest button and nowhere lower.

4. His dressing code. Regular shirts and long pants are a good indication with no excessive rings and wrist bands. 

5. The way he greets and addresses adults. Calling them sir, miss or madam is a positive sign. Bowing down a bit instead of saluting adults like movie stars is a good sign. 

6. How he socializes with the opposite sex. He should treat them like he would treat his sister.

7. He listens quietly to adults without talking unnecessarily and only speaks up when needed.

8. He does not poke fun at others or makes jokes at others' expense.

9. He only wears loose shirts that does not reveal the biceps and his underwear when bending over.

10. He maintains a calm and quiet attitude. An innocent look on his face is a good sign.

11. He is always reading something. It is an indication he is ambitious.

12. He mainly hangs out with his family rather than with friends.

Next, the host asked the boys side how they usually behave so people around them would think or notice they are good boys.

1. Standing up when their teacher enters their class with their notebook readily open in front of them.

2. Always pretending they are busy even though they are not.

3. Getting adults' blessings by bowing to their feet before leaving for some place or during special events like birthdays.

4. Doing their beds after they have gotten up.

5. Giving their seats to adults, particularly the teaching staff at wherever they are studying.

6. Always with a book no matter where they are.

7. Pretend to reject money given by adults before eventually taking it.

8. Quickly switching to the news channel when parents are around.

9. Pretend to agree with adults although we do not agree to what they are saying.

Now this gentleman down her should start his own class on how to behave like a good boy. He has done the following that has gained him the reputation of a good boy.

1. Welcome guests and offer them drinks.

2. Offer prasadam to adults and let them put holy ashes on their foreheads.

3. Asking permission from adults to leave when going out.

4. Offer to help teachers carry heavy stuff.

5. Handing in assignment much earlier than the submission date.

6. Asking adults how they are doing when they are not feeling well.

7, Doing charity and voluntary work.

Next, the hosts asked the parents and teachers in the panel what they would tell their sons and male students in order for them to grow up to be good boys.

1. Do not make friends with naughty kids.

2. Come home early.

3. Strict prohibition on bad habits such as drinking and smoking.

4. Keep sons busy with extra-curricular activities.

5. Place primary importance on studies and secondary importance on sports.

6. Waking up early in the morning.

7. Be honest about what they are doing and with whom and where.

9. Teach them about religion.

Just thought I would share this as it was an interesting topic. =)