Saturday, December 14, 2013

Places in Malaysia Named After Queen Victoria

Almost everywhere in the world, you will find a street, school, city, mountain, province, bridge, hospital, prison, state, park or any kind of place named after the late Queen Victoria. Some might wonder how is it a place in Africa or Asia is named after a British monarch. Well, the British Empire used to the biggest and strongest empire in the world. It had colonies all across the globe. Queen Victoria was the reigning monarch when the British Empire was at its strongest. This is why she is one of the most commemorated people in place-names in the world.

Since Malaysia was part of the British Empire, and is currently a member of the Commonwealth, there are many places here that are also named after Queen Victoria. The names of these places are retained till today to protect our rich colonial heritage. Here is a list of some of the places named after Queen Victoria:

1) Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur

2) Victoria Club, Kuala Lumpur

3) Victoria Bridge, Kuala Kangsar

4) Victoria Fountain, Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur

5) Victoria Memorial Fountain, Melaka

6) Victoria Street, George Town

7) Queen Victoria Jubilee Clock Tower, George Town

8) Victoria Green, George Town

9) Queensbay, Penang

10) Victoria, Labuan

11) Victoria Estate

12) Victoria Road, Nibong Tebal

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