Sunday, March 4, 2018

Cancelled Superhero Films 3 - Bryan Singer's Superman Returns Sequel


Superman Returns did fairly well among critics and the audience but not good enough to keep the Warner Brothers executives happy. They felt the film was tried to hard to bring in new female audiences with more romance and ignored the young male crowd with less action. At the same time, director Bryan Singer was getting busy to direct the Tom Cruise film Valkyrie. Apart from that, the contract for actor Brandon Routh who plays Clark Kent ended in 2009. Additionally, the writer’s strike delayed the film's confirmation and the studio eventually decided to reboot the entire franchise.

The story:

The story starts a few years following the events of Superman Returns with Clark keeping Metropolis and the world at large safe while Lois is raising their son, Jason. By now, the crystals Lex Luthor stole from the Fortress of Solitude in the previous film and launched into space has grown into a second moon for Earth. This leads a visitor from a faraway galaxy to come to Metropolis in a massive spaceship. He introduces himself as another Kryptonian survivor who has been in search for others like him and detected the presence of the new moon, which led him to Earth. Clark is initially happy to have someone he can relate to and takes his new friend around the planet on a tour.

Clark and the new Kryptonian start to have disagreements. Clark has always maintained that he should not be involved in politics and instead remain a protector of the innocent. The new Kryptonian believes that with their powers, they should interfere in things. He immediately gets involved in a conflict between two third world countries and ends a potential war that could have killed countless people. He then public declares Earth a war-free planet and that he will not allow any kind of deadly conflict to take place. In return for the support of the world's most powerful countries, he is prepared to share his Kryptonian technology to help human advancement.

While a majority of the world start to support the new Kryptonian, they also begin to resent Superman for not sharing his planet's technology with them which could have solved many problems. As the new Kryptonian's fame grows, Clark begins to grow suspicious of his intentions. He sneaks into the alien's spaceship and finds thousands of the new Kryptonian's clones in stasis. He also learns that this alien is not exactly a Kryptonian but an artificial intelligence from Krypton named Braniac, who was responsible for Krypton's destruction.

Before Clark can warn the world leaders of their new ally, he is confronted by Braniac and a deadly battle ensues. Clark manages to defeat Braniac but not before the latter uploads his conscience into his spaceship's main computer. Clark quickly realizes that Braniac will be able to download himself into anyone of his clones to lengthen his life and he destroys all the clones. Right before Clark destroys the spaceship, Braniac's computer completes a local search for another Kryptonian vessel that he can inhabit and locks down on Clark. Clark easily destroys the computer on the spaceship before it can take over his body.

However, this was all merely a distraction for Braniac had already downloaded himself into another Kryptonian's body - Clark's son, Jason. Braniac possesses Jason's body, causing him to age and grow into a full adult Kryptonian. An epic battle takes place between Metroplis and Braniac/Jason. Braniac is still getting used to his new body but Clark is careful to not to do any permanent damage to his son's body. In the end, Superman has to sacrifice his own son to save humanity...


It is easy to see how dark and bleak this film would have been. Many have complained how overly grim Zack Snyder's DCEU is, starting when Clark snaps Zod's neck in the climax of Man of Steel (2013). In this version, Clark killed his own son, a character that we were all already familiar with from the last film. No idea how this would have gone down with audiences.

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