Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa 2: The Sequel to Karthik's Story

So, Gautham Menon fans everywhere; rejoice! 

There is confirmation from the man himself that there will be a sequel to his 2010 classic Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa. Watch the interview below from 31:56 where Gautham talks about the film with film critic Baradwaj Rangan. Here are some information we know so far about the film:

1) Madhavan will be replacing Simbu as Karthik 

This will be Madhavan's second film with Gautham after the latter's directorial debut, the 2001 blockbuster Minnale. Gautham admits that the recasting is "bothering" since it is hard to imagine anyone else as Karthik. However, this problem stems from the norm of how this so-called mass heroes will only do solo films where they are the only male lead. Although this might be true, there must be more to the story since Simbu is currently working on a Mani Ratnam movie alongside three other heroes; Arvind Swamy, Vijay Sethupathi and Arun Vijay. He does not seem to have a problem doing a multi-starer then, which brings us to fact number two...

2) It will be a multi-starer

We have known for quite some time that Gautham Menon has been planning a multi-starer with heroes from different south Indian film industries. However, we had no idea it was for VTV 2. Apart from Madhavan as Karthik, there will be three other heroes.  Puneet Raj Kumar, Tovino Thomas and an unconfirmed Telugu actor will be playing the roles of Karthik's best friends from college. The three friends will each play a restaurant owner, an IT guy and a car dealer who also owns ships respectively.  

3) It will take place 8 years after the events of the first film 

At this point in his life, Karthik is an established film director with four films under his belt. His breakup with Jessie probably inspires all of his films. However, he is now a playboy who no longer believes in love and jumps from one girl to another. His sister and the rest of his family disagree with his lifestyle but this is the new Karthik. 

4) There will be four different versions 

The first ten minutes of each version will feature each character in their native language. Just like how Madhavan's Karthik will narrate his version in Tamil for the Tamil-speaking audience, Puneet will play a character from Bangalore and will narrate his version in Kannada. Similarly, Tovino will play a character from Trivandrum and will narrate his version in Malayalam and the same goes with the Telugu version. However, it is unclear if the rest of the film will be only in Tamil. 

5) It will be a road film

The four friends take a break from their lives and travel to a fifth friend's wedding. Gautham was very careful not to mention anything about the fifth friend's identity. He (or perhaps, she) might be another important character in the film as well.

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