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Achcham Yenbathu Madamaiyada Trailer Discussion: What It Might Be About?

So last year, I did a somewhat similar entry for Yennai Arindhal and you can say, some of my predictions came true. Being a Gautham Menon die-hard fan, I cannot resist predicting what the story is about based on the new trailer.

But before we get to that, can I just say how excited I am for this film? Its Gautham and the maestro AR Rahman teaming up again after 2010's Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya, which also starred Simbu. It would be great to see what magic they will be creating this time.

So, let's list down what we already know about the film:

a) Gautham described the film as starting as a "love story" but then enters a "violent, action space."

b) The film is inspired by the scene in The Godfather, where Michael Corleone plots revenge against the corrupt policeman McCluskey.

c) Unlike Gautham's police trilogy, the cop is the antagonist in this film.

d) It is partly a road film.

e) It is not a sequel to Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya. So, we don't get to find out how Karthik got Jessie's new number. Sorry, VTV fans. 

The trailer's opening shot. It's Simbu sitting by the beach. Cool and breezy surroundings. Gives a VTV vibe doesn't it? 

The very next shot is our hero driving in on a motorbike as his friends cheer him on. Maybe Simbu plays a biker, or a guy going on a road trip?

Looks like our traveler taking a break during his trip? But who is that looking on at him? Could it be our female lead? 

Introducing Manjima Mohan. So we see her riding along with Simbu. Perhaps she is her companion on his trip? 

Judging by the pillars of this house, it is probably one in the countryside. It can't be Simbu's own home since he looks too urban to be from the village. Perhaps it is one of his stopovers? 

Yes, that's choreographer Satish, who was supposed to debut as a hero in one of Gautham's cancelled project. Looks like he will be playing Simbu's best friend and sidekick in the film. 

This has got to be the dance moves for one peppy number by the genius whose name we can see on the screen!

Although Gautham has confirmed this is not a sequel to VTV, he did mention in interviews that the hero is kind of a continuation of the Karthik character. 

Check out the house. Doesn't it look like the one from VTV, but which new wooden fences? Or is Gautham just teasing us here? 

We can't really tell how big a role do Simbu's friends play in the movie. But Satish appears to be the one closest to him who appears in many shots in the trailer. 

It's night time. Almost nothing good happens at night in a Gautham Menon film. Karthik breaks up with Jessie in VTV at night. Sameera gets abducted in Nadunisi Naaygal at night. What could possibly happen here? 

This scene just screams Gautham Menon! The hero looking thoughfully at the heroine as they are enjoying a meal. 

Our heroine. She does kind of look like Anjali, doesn't she? 

Another stopover during the trip? So maybe our heroine is indeed our hero's companion.

We don't see the hero and heroine together in a shot where they are not travelling. Maybe she hitchhikes him and they fall in love while on their trip?

Now we see the action kicking in. Simbu is being held at gunshot by someone. 

With the hero (probably) being a biker, most of the action might revolve around riding. 

If you don't recognize this guy, they you are not a Gautham Menon fan!

This is our first shot of who might be the main antagonist; a police officer played by Baba Sehgal. We know from his name tag that he is called Kammath. No idea who he is beating up here, though. It can't be Simbu since the person is wearing glasses. 

Ok, but now he beats up Simbu. 

There are also a few shots of this guy in a doctor's coat attacking Simbu. Wonder what his role is.

Then there is this scene which is sure going to be intense - Simbu driving a truck with Satish which meats with an accident. 

This final shot speaks volumes. Simbu's character gets into some trouble during his travels and it leads to a great adventure. He seems to be hiding from something... or someone... in what seems like a hospital. 

The trailer has no dialogues, unlike the teaser. Instead, it features the song "Thalli Pogathey" throughout the video, which is already a big, trending hit. This simply heightens our expectations and teases us more on what the story might be about. I can hardly wait. Can you? 

Link to the trailer below:

Link to the trailer for the Telugu version below:

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