Monday, January 12, 2015

Ten Unusual Places To Visit in Kuala Lumpur

Everyone knows about the Twin Towers, the KL Tower, the famous museums, the iconic religious sites, the popular malls and cultural landmarks. Kuala Lumpur is a city rich in history and even when you think you have seen and experienced everything our capital has to offer, it still finds a way to surprise you. Here is a list of Ten Unusual Places To Visit in Kuala Lumpur.

1) Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

Yes, right in the middle of the cosmopolitan city is this 11 hectare rainforest preserve, one of the smallest in the world. Hike across its wooden bridges and you can see wild animals such as monkeys and all kinds of birds. Trees are also labelled so they can be easily recognized. Just outside the forest, there is an orchid plantation, nature centre, herb garden, botanical garden, jogging trail and much more.

2) Gothic church

Gothic churches are no longer just native to Europe and America. We have one right here in the capital. Built during the colonial period, the Church of Holy Rosary has every Gothic feature in the book such as beautifully crafted stained windows that depict Biblical stories, a tall steeple and plaster vaulting.

3) A traditional village in the middle of the city

Sprawling over almost a 250 acres, Kampung Baru is a traditional Malay village in the middle of the modern city. Here, you will find traditional Malay wooden houses with their little orchards and farms set against the backdrop of the city's skyscrapers.

4) Smallest Hindu temple

Fondly known as Pudu Pillayar or Court Hill Vinayagar Temple, this Ganesha temple is probably not as well known as the more bigger Hindu temples in the city. However, it is built on a three adjoining cornered slope, which is very auspicious. Despite its popularity among devotees, the temple cannot be renovated due to its close proximity to other large buildings in the area.

5) Coconut trees in the city

The only place where you can find coconuts in the city centre is in the grounds of the Jamek Mosque, one of the oldest in the city.

6) A piece of Mecca 

You can see the 1964 Keswa, the door curtain of the Ka’aba which is changed every year displayed at the Islamic Arts Museum Kuala Lumpur.

7) Dine in the dark

Here is one of the few restaurants in the world where you can enjoy a one of a kind dining experience made up of a four-course dinner. The staff consists of visually impaired individuals

8) Hidden hot spring

Located along a road aptly named Jalan Air Panas in the suburbs of Setapak, the hot spring is opened to the public with an entrance fee of just RM1.


9) The underground shopping mall

Merdeka Square is famous for its historical significance as well as the Moorish-looking Sultan Abdul Samad Building that contrasts the nearby Tudor-styled Selangor Club. Not known to many, Merdeka Square Plaza, one of the capital's many malls, is found below the former cricket field. 

10) The remains of a colonial prison 

Contrary to popular belief, the historical Pudu Jail was not completely demolished. You can still see its iconic arched gateway facade, although its walls that once had the longest mural in the world is gone along with the main building.

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