Saturday, January 3, 2015

Another Top 12 Beautiful Malaysian Hindu Temples

I had a hard time making the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Hindu Temples in Malaysia because they are just so many of them that can even rival those in India. This is a list of the temples that did not make it into that other list, but still very much deserve an honourable mention.

1) Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Midlands

2) Muneeswarar Temple, Simpang Halt 

3) Sri Shakti Temple, Bukit Rotan

4) Vinayaagar Temple, Sungai Petani

5) Sri Pasupathinath Temple, Kota Kinabalu

6) Mount Matang Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Kuching

7) Railway Maha Ganapathy Temple, Ipoh 

8) Kaaliamman Temple, Kempas

9) Sri Subramaniar Draupadi Amman Temple, Melaka

10) Nageswary Amman Temple, Puchong

11) Sri Maha Kaliamman Temple,Sri Kembangan

12) Sri Ganesar Temple,Kampung Pandan

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  1. Thank you for using my photo
    to illustratrate one of the most beautiful Hindu temples.

    Railway Maha Ganapathy Temple,Ipoh