Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another Top 15 Beautiful Malaysian Churches

Before this, I made a top ten list of the most beautiful churches in Malaysia according to my own personal humble opinion. However, there are many other Malaysian churches that did not make the list. Although we may not have grand fancy churches like Paris' Notre Dame or London's St. Peter's, we do have some quaint ones here. In case you don't see any of your own favourite ones on this list, make sure to check out the the separate list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Churches in Malaysia. 

1. Church Of Our Lady Of Lourdes , Ipoh.

2. St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Ipoh 

3. St. Michael's Church, Ipoh

4. St. John's Church, Ipoh 

5. St. Anthony's Church, Teluk Intan

6. Church of Visitation, Seremban 

7. Church of Our Lady Lourdes, Klang

8. Church of Holy Name of Jesus in Balik Pulau

9. Church of Immaculate Conception, Johor Bharu 

10. Bandar Sri Aman Church, Sri Aman

11. St. Peter's Church, Melaka

12. Wesley Methodist Church, Penang

13. Church of the Holy Name of Mary, Permatang Tinggi

14. Church of St. Mary, Ayer Salak

15. St. Joseph's Church, Batu Gajah

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