Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why Novels?

While other kids around me have always loved video games, sports, high-tech gadgets and other stuff most youngsters tend to love, I have always been in love with a slightly unusual, but not completely unheard of thing.


I just love reading novels. It opens up me up to a whole different world. I can go on and on about how novels interest me but that will just bore you. So let me tell you how I came to loving reading books, especially novels.

There's this Malay saying that loosely translated into something about children being white cloths and it is the parents that choose their colours. Well, that is completely true in my case.

From a very young age, whether it was my birthday or I did well in a test, the reward would always be storybooks. Yes, that's right. No video games, no sporty stuff. Just storybooks.

Then, before I would go to bed, my parents would read me a storybook.

Going shopping? Let's stop by at the bookshop and survey any nice storybooks we could buy when they get their pay end of the month.

Oh, look! A new movie made adapted from your storybook! Let's go watch it!

So, yes. I am what I am today for many reasons, mostly because of my parents.

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