Sunday, June 30, 2013

Johor's Publicly Hidden 'Treasure'

I haven't been to the state of Johor, or anywhere near the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia. The most south I have been is Negeri Sembilan. But even I, a Perakian, know enough about this one thing about Johor that really amazes me. So much so that I feel the government should somehow commercialize it and make it a tourist attraction of some sort.

I am of course talking about Johor's most public secret appeal. It is not really an attraction because I have not heard of tourists going there to witness it themselves. But I am not the only one who find this amusing since there are countless pictures of this phenomenon online. What is it that I am talking about, you may ask?

The high rising TV antenna phenomenon of course! Johoreans do this just to get Singaporean terrestrial free-to-air channels through terrestrial spillover! Just look at these amazing pictures!

I am still unsure if this phenomenon is unique to Malaysia. The more up north you travel from Singapore, the taller the fish bone antennas are. I simply find this fantastic. Maybe if not as a tourist attraction, maybe simply as part of our merchandising for souvenirs as a type of joke! Just a thought. =) 

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