Saturday, August 11, 2012

Worst copycat posters of Indian movie history!

As if copying scripts and music from the West is not enough, Indian film makers are now also copying movie posters as well. Don't get me wrong. I love most Indian movies. But all these blunt plagiarism in the name of inspiration just has to go. And before some of you haters start with all your abusing, scroll down as see for yourselves our beloved Indian cinema's originality.

Perhaps the director was planning to make it appear as if Ra.One is at the same standards as Nolan's Batman movies. But you all know how Ra.One ended up being, and not to mention SRK actually rejected Endhiran for this! But that's a different story. The only difference is Katie Holmes' body is facing one direction while Bebbo is facing another. Apart from that, the fact that both heroines' hands are hanging loose to the destructive background, it is a clear copy.

This could easily be a coincidence, right? But how do you explain the couples' annoyed looks, the smiling middle guy in a suit, and of course, those white sheets?

Okay, fine. So the girl is carrying the guy and she is obviously the alpha in the relationship. But the Desi dude just had to looked afraid, didn't he?

Vijay fans are going to have a field day on this. Apart from his continuous masala flicks, he is definitely a good actor if not a great one. But I mean, seriously.The pose, the background, the suit; is it just me or is it a coincidence?

So the bride and groom are in their wedding dresses. Yes... And the bride is staring at the camera while smiling. Right... And the groom is leaning towards her while smiling. Oh... And did anyone notice the crowd behind the bride. What the..! Then there are wedding sprinklers falling onto the crowd. Okay, fine! I see it!

Words cannot express how, apart from the direction in which the guy and girl are laying, everything else about this poster screams copycat. The girl's hands over the guy's face, her right hand on her tummy, the guy's costume and not to mention his coat on the ground, everything seems... what's the word... 'inspired.'

Yup, as iconic as Titanic is, they didn't spare her poster too. Both leads are in a waltz with the girl looking at down while the guy looks at her. And not to mention the girl's Vintage hairdo as well. Oh, and did I mention the ship below as well?

The creepy big black tree roots with hands coming out is an easy target. So, let's leave that alone. Check out the leads. In Bollywood, it might be a little too explicit to have a nude guy on the girl while they are at it. So instead, let's have them topless nice and close not just to each other, but to the frame so we can Photoshop the guy's bulging muscles and the girl's skinny physique. Yeah, that should work.
And in case you don't know the director Mahest Bhatt, well he is someone who can never run away from being unoriginal. Here is another poster of the same movie. Once again, for the sake of escaping the censors' scissors, they had the heroine's bottom slightly covered.

Right, in this one we have three male leads. Let's give them some stuff to hold. Now let's have the guy with the best body to go shirtless. Maybe he should lick his lips just like the original guy too. Oh, but wait. He is not the main lead, it is the director's brother. But never mind, we'll put the shirtless one in the middle nevertheless since he is the biggest star anyway. We'll let the director's brother wear the sleeveless top instead. Alright, perfect! Let's shoot!

I really don't think the red cloth played any significance in Hisss. But, hey. The Arthur poster looked cool, and that's all we want basically, right? To have a cool poster.

Dear lord. At this point, I just have no idea what to say. The film makers could have at least had the decency to give the hero a different type of shirt, or at least had a different pose, or maybe... I don't know... a different freaking wall decoration!

This is really hard to expect from a Shankar film, one of India's top directors. But nevertheless, the cast and crew are keeping mum about the entire project. So the hype surrounding this Hush Hush novel-inspired movie poster is definitely allowing fans to anticipate and predict what the movie 'I' is going to be all about!

Once again, Ilayathalapathy fans will have a field day over this. But if anyone has any common sense, they would see the clear copycat work going on here. So maybe we'll just leave it smart people to judge.

Twp topless guys, both lacking in desirable physique, unshaven around the cleavage, arms folded. Oh, just stop!

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