Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Thank you very much to my buddies here at campus for making my birthday week so special.

What made is most special were the very special gifts I received from my friends...

This one came from my good friend Mira. Poor her... said she doesn't know how to cook so she gave me the cutest Sicilian lemon and ricotta cheesecake. They look tasty I have to admit. I'm yet to eat them as I'm being vegetarian for a week or so. But having something as tempting as this in the fridge surely can menggoda iman  even though I'm so pious. Oops! Joke, people! Joke! Don't go all moral police on me...

Along with the cake came a really special note, that forced me to grin right up to my ears. Naughty naughty Cik Mira...

At first look, it may seem like a sweet, cute note. But there is a subtle message of sarcasm there. Hehe... You see, back in our foundation year in Sabah, I held the record of being one of the few who frequently flew home to Peninsular Malaysia whenever there was a one week break. Thus, the sentence: "Good luck surviving here this summer!" as I would be here while most of us would be flying home.

Naughty little Cik Mira. Hahaha... But thanks for the lovely cake!

Then, there was a note for me at the porter's lodge on campus that I had a parcel from Malaysia that required my signature. Wow! Must have been something back. And I was not wrong.

My dad always addresses whatever letter or parcel to me with 'Mr' before my name. Pa! Over here I'm Mr. Manogaran! That's what my Student Ambassador payslip and bank statements refer to me as!

And the fairly large parcel was full of... wait for it... FOOD!!!!!!!!! There was my favourite 3 in 1 Milo sachets. Also some Adabi and Maggi fried rice flavour mix packets. These kind of stuff is essential for people like me who stink at cooking. Also there were some ready-made papadam packets and other instant cooking essentials that I really need to survive among other things.

Most important, there was a pack of holy ashes for me to put on after prayer -  a gentle reminder from my folks to never forget my responsibility to the Almighty. Hehehe... another subtle sarcastic statement there - but for my own good. Forgivable.

And along with the papa bear sized parcel was a papa bear sized birthday card:

Looks small here, I know. But its quite big.

This one must be from my little brother Devendran. He is the fatty of the family. But his handwriting sure has changed. Or it could be a deliberate attempt to look posh with the italic handwriting. ;P

This one is from my little sister, Deeviya. She's the skinny one of the three of us! Clearly she tried to replicate the handwriting of her small anneh (or aney, whichever spelling... see! They can't even agree on that!) =P

Anney means big bro, by the way.

This one's from mum, who I must admit I have been pretty mean with by not talking to for some time in order for attention. Yes, I know. I'm mostly shy and quiet (don't say weekkk!!!!) but I am an attention seeker too!

This one's from dad... and everyone has signed it. Awwwwwwww.... miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm so touched I don't have the heart to be temperamental anymore... at least for now! Hehehehe...

Mr. Paddington insisted he posed with the card.

Oh! And I got this lovely notebook from Cik Hana, another good friend of mine. But it was the note inside that really made my day:

It's so beautiful to have a friend of a different faith pray for your well-being here and hereafter. It proves that despite belonging to different beliefs, we can still pray to the same Lord for the happiness of our friends. Makes me feel proud to be a Malaysian. Love you, Hana! Fine, enough of the nerdy, patriotic talk. 

Now this next card is... I don't know. Indescribable. The moment I took it out of its strikingly yellow envelope, I immediately burst into laughter. I mean... just look at it! 

It's from my BFF Cik Nadiah Sahum, or recently more glamorously known as Naddy. What was she thinking when she bought it? It really made my day. Could not stop laughing! I mean... she is always up to something naughty. But this time, she has completely outdone herself. Big time! Girl, you rock!

And if you thought the front was outrageously childish, check out the back! So bluntly stated! And yet she got it for me! What the... "Nad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I literally yelled out her name in laughter when I saw this...

Then of course, there was the thank you message for being her friend, wishing me happy birthday, hoping I would grow more macho and matured (as if that will ever happen ;P)... and notice she signed as 'Nad yang comel'.

Had it not be signed that way, I seriously would have doubted that it came from her. Typical Naddy...

This one, also from a good buddy AND granny, interestingly with a frog, has a deep metaphorical meaning to it. We had discussed earlier about a frog jumping out of a well, and that having some deeper meaning to it, well the Granny has compared me to that. How sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And on the same day, I got this from another good friend, Cik Aisyah Afifah. It was as if she was yelling to me: "You're 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Means can vote, can do this, do that... tanda matang as she says...

And also it came with a cute card...

And honestly, I'm quite sure this drawing has some metaphorical meaning to it. But I don't quite get it. Is it... Kangga like balloons, balls, smileys, candies, stars... and all that? Hmmm.... maybe....

And yes Cik Aisyah... we will always be around for each other...God bless...

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