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Iconic Looks that Influenced Us...

To my Indian readers, I'm sure you all (the good ones only ok?) join the temple processions during any thiruvela at the local temple near you. Don't judge me, I enjoy this kind of festivals. But to me, they are not the best time to pray and have your personal time with God. Why? Well, there is the noise, the crowd and the Aiyoyo factor. To me, my personal time with The Almighty is some place where there is lots of peace and quiet. Friday nights at temple is a good idea. There is not much crowd despite being an auspicious time. But wait! What Aiyoyo factor? I'll explain in a jiffy.

Do you realize some people take the opportunity to show-off during this times. Some women would throw all the jewelry they own on themselves and waltz away, hoping people would notice and envy them. Then there are the youngsters. Always dancing away to the stupid ganna and rap music they play in thanir pandals. But what distract me most from prayers is the style they spot. Haven't their parents taught them that wearing black to temple is not encouraged?

You cannot deny that their sense of style is very much influenced by that of the Tamil actors in their latest films. Here, we shall discuss some of the most iconic looks from the Tamil movie industry.

1) Aalavandhan

According to an uncle from Klang (nest for Indian gangsters), hehehehehe... the bold Aalavandhan look was a trend when the movie was first released.

The bold head, and the Lady Gaga shades. What is it that makes them wanna don it?

2) Remo (Anniyan)

I was in Form Three when Anniyan was released. The Indian boys at school were all crazy over the Remo look. Who knew messy blonde hair and blue contact lenses suited dark brown skin? My Bahasa Malaysia teacher noticed this trend and commented, "Apalah gaya zaman ni? Mata biru, rambut karat... tapi kulit hitam!!! Cikgu tak fahamlah! Nak kata orang India tak, sebab rambut ngan mata warna pelik. Nak kata orang putih lagilah tak!!! Kulit hitam!!!"

This look was quite popular. Each time at a temple festival, where there was a chance to show off to other Indians that despite coming from a middle-class background and yet being able to afford the most costliest looks, many goons would don this look. Aiyoyo....

Though the style may suit Vikram because professional stylists worked on his look, but can the average Joe pull it off??

3) Nepali look

This Korean-inspired Nepali look is my personal favourite, but not really popular among the local Indian youth. Maybe it is difficult to appreciate this kind of look since Indians are generally not into Korean pop culture. With Bharath's beaming facial expressions, some might even find this look making him look like an anime character more than a stylish, macho hero.

Korean inspired

Bharath can even go blonde if he wants to and still pull it off because of his light skin.

SIDE TRACK A BIT: Bharath is one of the handsomest young Tamil actors today. It is no wonder directors have experimented with various looks on him and they all look great.

The Ivy League look

The rugged look

The rock star look

4) Braids

This look is not so popular as well but some guys to don it as well. Maybe it is more expensive, or maybe it is not spotted by most stars. Whatever the case, this look seems to be the most rebellious! Or maybe its origins from Africa makes it less glamorous. I don't really know.

Besides Dhanush, I've almost never seen another Tamil actor try this look.

5) Bangs

Now, I tried this look back in Form Four. But I people had spotted my source of inspiration, making it seem totally unoriginal, and besides, it looked awkward thanks to my large forehead... A friend tried this look - and another friend started calling him Sanjay Ram (with an American accent). This look is fashionable and also totally appropriate for official business and school-going guys.
Fashionable and smart

6) Six-pack

Now sexual beauty is no longer for the actress to work on. Actors too are put into pressure to look sexually attractive to lure women audiences. With women today actively pursuing equal rights, it is no wonder they feel they too have the right to enjoy eye candy of their own as much as their men. With the growing demand of shinny clean six-pack, gone are the days of hairy carpets on actors' chests.

Surya was the first actor to start the six-pack trend in the Tamil cinema industry through Vaaranam Aayiram.

Vishal (pic) and Aravind Akash have followed in Surya's footsteps to boost their commercial value.

7. Designer stubbles

Most actors who once had thick mustaches are now keeping stubbles instead. I don't know how far it's true, but Tamil men have always adored thick mustaches instead of a more fashionable goatee - probably to display manliness and maturity, I really don't know. Clearly, the look is outdated but it comes and goes depending on the role one receives. For instance, those who play police officers might find that mustaches fit the role.

Now you see it...

Now you don't!!! Hahaha...
Vijay has the most stunning stubbles in tinsel town.

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