Friday, July 30, 2010

High Fashion in Kollywood

I watched Aadhavan the other day, and I think it is the first time Kollywood has truly embraced high culture... Take a look!

Striking red top, matching scarf and boots.

Sem-checkered shirt, blue scarf, tight jeans and black jacket.

Fedora hat, brown striped suit and blue scarf.

Blue sleeveless top with matching skin tight checkers long pants.

Body-fit blue shirt with white trousers and belt.

White-sleeved blue shirt with tight jeans and polka dot pink scarf.

Striped-sleeved green shirt with matching blue scarf and dotty jeans.

White cowboy hat with white quarter-sleeved sleeved checkers shirt and cowboy jeans.

Silver and grey shirt and pants with matching polka dot scarf.

And what in the world is this? Stripper? Gosh!!!

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