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Westworld Season 2: Top 10 Fan Theories

First things first: A round of applause for Westworld's die hard fans who have made a name for themselves for coming up with not only plausible theories, but plausible theories that actually came true. On more than one occasion! From the one on Arnold being a host, to William being a younger version of The Man in Black, and of course, the fact that there are multiple timelines. So, it is only fair that the Net is now clogged with fan theories on what Season 2 will be about.

In case you haven't realized, these entry has major spoilers up ahead. Here are the theories:

1) The show is set in the year 2052

The biggest mystery of the show has to be how far in the future does it takes place. The answer could have been in a security camera footage that we can find on the mock Delos website. The footage shows the date Maeve tries to break free from the theme park, which is on the 15th of June, 2052. This video has since been removed from the website, which indicates the show's creators don't wish to make things to obvious to us considering many fans have figured out most of the plot twists. 

2) Next Season might be set in Samurai World

While attempting to escape, Maeve, Felix, Hector and Armistice come across a different section of the theme park's headquarters with a different logo than the usual 'W' on the entrance. This logo says 'SW', which could mean Samurai World based on the androids we see inside. Could it be that the next season will be set in Samurai World instead? Or could each season be set in a different World? Or will Westworld still be the main setting, but other parks will be depicted alongside it? 

3) Dr. Ford Created a Replica of Himself

During the finale when Ford is unveiling his new narrative, he states, “Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin never died. They simply became music.”Earlier in the show, when Bernard murdered Theresa, the camera was focusing on a machine making a new host, suggesting that Ford is creating a host replica of Theresa to help him control Delos. However, this was never the case.  Could it be, like how Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin continue to live through their music, Ford wishes to remain immortal by becoming a host?

4) Dolores Shot a Replica of Dr. Ford

There is a possibility Dolores simply shot the replica of Dr. Ford, while the human Dr. Ford is hiding away safely somewhere, hatching a plan for world domination by using his androids. Remember how the camera lingered a tad bit too long on his hands when he was shaking Bernard's. Strange hands were the sign of the hosts in the original 1973 film. Even in the second episode, Dr. Ford explains how the earliest hosts were so underdeveloped that they were easily distinguishable from humans by a simple handshake. 

5) Felix Lutz is working with Dr. Ford 

The closest thing to a comic relief in this show are the Westworld butchers, Felix and Slyverster, who are both coincidentally (or not?) named after cartoon cats. Ever since Maeve seemingly gained consciousness, Felix appears to be blindly following her every word. We already know Maeve is still under someone's control even though she has been led to believe she has free will. Felix never points this out to her. Only Bernard does. Unlike his partner, Felix never questions Maeve's actions even though as human, he has more power over her and can easily report the malfunction to someone higher up. Could it be the innocent looking Livestock Management surgeon is secretly working for Dr. Ford, who has been orchestrating the events leading up to the disastrous gala night all along? 

6)  All the Hosts are Replicas of Real Humans

The original film's sequel Futureworld, and the TV series Beyond Westworld portrayed how Delos creates androids of actual people to replace them in the real world. Given that Westworld is a theme park for the wealthy and powerful, could it be that it is ultimately one big memorial for the elite one percent? In this TV show, we are shown Dolores' grave. Could it be that the original, human Dolores Abernathy could have been a patron of the theme park who was immortalized as am android host? After her death, she was buried in the theme park. The same could have been with the real Maeve Millay, who is now either an old woman, or has died while her android version is now a host. 

7) Charlotte Hale is Maeve's Daughter 

This leads us to our next theory. It is possible Delos executive director Charlotte Hale also had a host version as a child but was killed off to make a convincing story line. Many feel that the note Maeve receives that contains her daughter's location is hinting at the existence of other theme parks which Delos owns. But if it was another theme park, wouldn't it make more sense to be called Eastworld, or Samurai World or Roman World instead? Why is it called Park 1 then? Within Westworld itself, there are multiple wild-wild-west-themed settings such as the cowboy town, the canyons, the Mexican town and many others. Could Park 1 be the the location where the gala night is being held? And Maeve is simply going there to finally meet her daughter? 

8) Charlotte Hale is William's Daughter

So, Charlotte and William, who we now know is The Man in Black, clearly know each other. But how is Charlotte black while Juliet, Logan's sister, is white? Maybe Charlotte is not Juliet's daughter. Maybe she is William's daughter through a mistress or something? That explains why William killed Maeve and her daughter in an earlier narrative; he wants revenge against the human Maeve for ruining his marriage and ultimately leading to his wife's suicide. But then again, he told Teddy his daughter's name is Emily, which could be his legitimate daughter, or a name he just made up since he does lie a few times. Like how he lied about Wyatt and Dolores being two separate individuals. Okay, that is quite a stretch. But if Charlotte is indeed William's daughter, that would make his full name William Hale a suitable name for a character like this. William Hale is the name of a 19th century rocket maker, a time period that Westworld is based on. It is also the name of a murderer who was under the FBI's investigation in the same period. There is even a modern Wiliam Hale, who is a film director who has made some famous cowboy films. 

9) Elsie and Ashley are still Alive

Behavioral programmer Elsie was last seen trying to uncover the mysterious staff member who was leaking information about the theme park through a satellite. We were shown someone grabbing her, who was later revealed to be Bernard and we were led to believe that he killed her. Meanwhile, head of security Ashley Stubbs was last seen investigating Elsie’s active location marker in an area of the park called Sector 20 when he was taken by the Ghost Nation hosts. The finale did not reveal their fate. Once again, we need to refer to the show's official website for answers. There is a video showing Elsie's locator device being tracked in Sector 20. Since Elsie has been shown to feel sorry for the hosts, maybe she is working with the Ghost Nation hosts or perhaps she is working to unveil the truth about the theme park. Also, there is a short audio recording of Elsie saying, "Hello?", suggesting she is trying to make contact with headquarters. Apart from that, Dr. Ford admitted to Bernard he has never killed anyone before Theresa. Although Ford is known to not favour his fellow humans much by telling them half truths, it is very unlikely he is a liar. Perhaps there is a bigger reason Elsie and Ashley's fate is not revealed. Perhaps they will lead the human resistance against the hosts. 

10) Westworld is set on an island, or a different planet 

So we have probably solved the question on the show's time setting. But what about the place setting? A popular theory is that the theme park is located on a colonized Mars, or another planet that is not Earth. This could be possible considering the sculpture shown in underground level of the headquarters. The sculpture is of a planet, that upon closer observation, looks nothing like Earth. Another possibility is that the theme park is on a very large artificial island on Earth itself. After all, the theme park is owned by a company called Delos. In the finale, we see Maeve's story line that has been predetermined for her, and the last act states "Infiltrate Mainland." This suggests that the outside world is the mainland while the park is on an island. Furthermore, for the ancient Greeks, Delos is a sacred island as it is considered the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. In 88 BC, the king of Pontus attacked the island and its people were either slaughtered or enslaved and its treasures were looted.

What do you think of these fan theories? Have we left anything out? Or do you have any theories of your own. Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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