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Top 10 Most Plausible Harry Potter Fan Theories

I honestly don't know which one is more commendable. Is it JK Rowling's talent to tell a story so complex and complicated, or her fans' talent at producing various fan theories years later. Let's ignore all the ridiculous fan theories like the ones that theorize Dumbledore is a time-traveling Ron, or McGonagall is a Death Eater. Here are the Top 10 Most Plausible Harry Potter Fan Theories.

1. Sirius and Lupin died much longer than we think

Before facing Voldemolt in the Forbidden Forrest, Harry meets the ones he loved who had died with the help of the Resurrection Stone. His parents are wearing the same clothes they died in suggesting the Stone allows its user to see the dead exactly in the condition they were in before they died. Meanwhile, Remus and Sirius are described as being "younger than he's (Harry) ever seen them." This could be because they actually figuratively died after the double murder and the betrayal of their best friends who they grew up with.

2. Narcissa is an expert at Occlumency

Occlumency is the art of using magic to shield your mind from being assessed, possessed and influenced by others. Some known Occlumens include Dumbledore, Voldemort and Bellatrix. It is never stated if Narcissa Malfoy may be an Occlumens. However, she convincingly lied to Voldemort about Harry's death at the Forbidden Forest.

3. Harry created a Hocrux by accident, making him immortal 

In Professor Trelwaney's prophesy, she states "either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives." She was referring to the Dark Lord and The Boy Who Lived. Most people interpret this as meaning only one of them will survive when faced off against the other. But when you really think about it, the actual reason Voldemort wants Harry dead is because he wants to become immortal. But now that Voldemort is dead, it is Harry who can live on. But that cannot be possible since Harry does not have any Hocruxes or Dark Magic or even the desire to live forever, right? But what if he created a Hocrux by accident, just like how Voldemort made him a Hocrux unintentionally? When Harry stabbed the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, he actually did something unspeakable of, so much so that his soul split. Just then, Fawkes arrives to cure him, allowing for a piece of his soul to enter the Phoenix. A Phoneix does not actually die, instead it is reborn over and over again from its own ashes, which means Harry's soul will be preserved forever from dead whether he wants it or not...

4. Why Snape hated Neville as much as Harry

Professor Snape has been in love with Harry's mother, Lily even before they both went to Hogwarts. He did turn to the dark side, but when he realized his one true love might be in danger, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save her. It is possible that he even tried to convince Voldemort that it is Neville whom Professor Trelawney's prophesy was referring to, not Harry. After Lily was killed by Voldemort, Snape never quite moved on. It is easy to see why Snape would have mixed feelings over Harry. He reminds him of both the girl he loved and the boy who tormented him throughout his school days. But why hate on Neville? Probably because Snape blamed Neville for Lily's death. If only Voldemort had gone to the Longbottom's house that night instead of the Potter's, things would have turned out differently and Lily would still be alive. So when Neville arrives at Hogwats, it makes sense that those feelings might have been the reason he lashes out at Neville.

5. You need to ask in order to be placed into Gryffindor 

In the books, it is clearly stated that the Sorting Hat almost placed Harry in Slytherin.Dumbledore even mentions that Salazar Slytherin, one of Hogwarts' founding fathers, valued cleverness, resourcefulness, determination, and "a certain disregard for the rules" when selecting students for his house - all traits Harry most definitely has. To add to that, Harry was a Parseltongue. Plus, the Sorting Hat must have sensed the Hocrux inside Harry. The only reason he was put in Gryffindor is because he asked for it. Also, the intelligent bookworm Hermionie probably would have felt more at home in Ravenclaw. Even Ron and Neville, who do not possess any special talents would have been better in Hufflepuff, These four were put into Gryffindor simply because they were brave enough to ask. The one defining trait of Gryffindors is bravery, which is a choice, whereas other Hogwarts houses are based on traits that are acquired. Therefore, it makes sense that to be a true Gryffindor, you have to make that brave choice to ask. But then again, the Sorting Hat works in mysterious ways. Remember how Peter Pettigrew, one of the most spineless characters in the story, was actually a Gryffindor?

Speaking of the Hogwarts houses, we all know what Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin represent. But what about Hufflepuff? Is it just a house for slackers? Then how do you explain former Hufflepuffs like Newt Scamander and Cedric Diggory. One fan theory that is laughable but still believable is that it is a house for stoners. Think about it; their head teacher is the Herbology teacher, their common room is near the kitchens, and their house is called Hufflepuff. Emphasis on 'puff.'

6. Crookshanks used to be James and Lily's pet

There are many theories surrounding Crookshanks, Hermione's giant cat. Some have theorized that it could be an Animagus of Regulus Black, or even Lily Potter herself. However, the most possible one seems to be the one regarding how Crookshanks used to belong to Harry's parents. When Harry finds an old letter from Lilly at Grimmauld Place, she mentions that she and James own a cat that Harry almost ran over with his toy broomstick. Years later, when Hermione adopts Crookshanks from a pet shop in Diagon Alley, the owner mentions that the cat has been there a long time. This probably explains how Crookshanks hated Scabbers and trusted Sirius in his dog form. Maybe it is more than mere animal instincts.

7. Neville's old wand made him weak

In Harry Potter's world, the wand chooses its owner. A wizard can never truly be good by using another wizard's wand. This is seen when Harry's wand breaks and he takes Draco's. He can never truly master it. When we first meet Neville Longbottom, he is made to use his father's old wand rather than one that chose him. Ron also does this by using his family's hand-me-down due to his family's financial situation and we see how bad he is at magic during this time. However, in Neville's case, he is made to use a wand that once belonged to a very powerful wizard that defied Voldemort thrice, hence he is forced to live in his father's shadows. Once this wand breaks, he can get a new one that properly chooses him. He is finally free to step out of his father's legacy to become his own wizard. It cannot be a coincidence that Neville went from being a possible Squib to turning into the possible Chosen one seemingly overnight after he gets his new wand. Also, in the movie version, notice the design of Neville's jumper and how it is similar to the woolen vest his father wears in a photo taken at an Order of The Phoenix meeting. This shows Neville now lives up to his dad's name.

8. The reason Harry's class is so small

JK Rowling has gone on record by saying that there are about a thousand students at Hogwarts.This is peculiar because if there are one thousand students, there would be roughly 35 students in each house each year. Despite this, there only seems to be 10 Gryffindor students in Harry's year. Perhaps Harry does have other classmates who are unnamed in the books. However, it is more likely that many in the Wizarding community did not have any children out of fear that Voldemort might murder them. Also, there is another theory that the Dead Eaters destroyed all records of Muggle Borns when Voldemort was in power the first time. Hermionie might be one of the few ones whose record survived and received her Hogwarts acceptance letter.

9. Voldemort's lack of hair is purposeful 

When Voldemort was still Tom Riddle, he was a handsome young man. But as he went deep into the Dark Arts, he lost his good looks, and along with it, his hair. Even as a young boy, Voldemort never really trusted anyone and preferred to operate alone. This lack of trust probably explains his lack of hair. He deliberately got rid of all body hair just so nobody can ever make Polyjuice Potion from it and impersonate him.

10. Dumbledore lied to Harry to protect him

According to Dumbledore, Harry did not die after the Killing Curse was cast on him because Voldemort used Harry's blood to recreate his body. Lily's protection that kept Harry from dying the first time runs through him blood, which is why Harry was protected while being with his Aunt Petunia. However, when you really think about it, the Killing Curse rebounded and almost killed Voldemort when he cast it on Harry the first time. Why didn't this happen the second time. Remember; in order to destroy a Horcrux, its vessel must be destroyed. This is why Harry needed to be killed for Voldemort's Hocrux in him to be destroyed. Had Lily's blood been the one that made him survive, he would not have died and the Hocrux would not have been destroyed too.

When Harry meets Dumbledore at Kings Cross in his mind, he is given a choice; not something everyone who has been killed has. He can either move on to the next world or return to the world of the living. What was it that gave Harry this level of power? Well, he is now master of all three Deadly Hallows: the Resurrection Stone, the Invisibility cloak, and even the allegiance of the Elder Wand. Since Harry chose not to defend himself, the Wand was not fighting off Harry. Therefore, its allegiance did not change. Dumbledore even states, "And that, I think, will have made all the difference." Had he tried to fight back, he would have lost allegiance to the Wand when he lost and he would have died. So ultimately, Dumbledore lied to Harry about the real reason why he can live on. But, why? Because if there is one thing Dumbledore fears, it is overwhelming power. That was even the reason why he did not want to become Minister for Magic since he did not trust himself. He feared Harry would become power hungry had he known the level of power he would have. Since Harry made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his friends, Hogwarts received the same protection that Harry had when Lily sacrificed herself to protect him. He even says in the book, "I've done what my mother did. Haven't you noticed how none of the spells you put on them are binding? You can't torture them. You can't touch them." In order for this kind of magic to actually take affect, Harry would have to have truly died. By the way, isn't it weird how Harry becomes somewhat like a Christ-figure by sacrificing himself for his loved ones and then ends up meeting a God-like figure at a place called Kings Cross?

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