Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Marjon Chronicles 3: The Spice Girls Fan

I remember it as if it was only yesterday. I was stressed out because of my dissertation. I had to redo part of an entire chapter. To calm myself down, I decided to listen to a Glee playlist on Glee. I assumed nobody was at home since it was rather quiet and played the music on full volume. 

At about 7 or so in the evening, I left my room to take a shower with my laptop still playing the music. Showering with some therapeutic shower gel also calms me down immensely. When I got out of the shower, I noticed my downstairs housemate, Dublin, had returned home and was with a couple of his drunkard friends. At the moment, I was not sure why, but they were laughing their hearts out at something. 

As I climbed the stairs to my room, I could hear Glee's cover version of the Spice Girls' 'Tell Me What You Want' song blasting away. Not exactly a personal favourite  but I was in the shower while the song was playing. I suddenly remembered that it is not cool for people my age to be fans of the Spice Girls because they are seen as a kind of 'guilty pleasure' option of music. Funny story, the song was featured in a Glee episode all about guilty pleasure songs. 

After getting dressed, I went back downstairs to the kitchen to prepare my dinner. Dublin came in to get something from the fridge and commented on how he had no idea I was a Spice Girls fan. I was too occupied with slicing stuff that I just nodded and smiled. 

Then later, the two guys in his room were leaving. As they passed by the kitchen, they started singing out loud, "Tell me what you want, what you really really want!" Up till that point, I had never seen them acting so crazy while sober. Anyway, I was too busy thinking about my dissertation to realize why they were singing such an uncool song out loud. 

It was only after I started bumping into them every now and then, and they would sing, "I wanna... I wanna... I wanna..." that I finally realized - oh, these donkeys are making fun of me. Oh well, if I had so much acne that my face looked like a slice of stinky pepperoni pizza, I would go around finding a reason to make fun of others to make myself feel better. 

Note to self; never leave your laptop on full volume with a YouTube playlist in the background without knowing what the next song might be. 

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