Sunday, May 31, 2015

Top 10 Passport Trivia

1) Sweden's passport is not only the most powerful in the world but it also one of the most highly sought-after travel documents in the black market, which can cost up to 6,000 pounds compared to the 28 pounds fee to make or renew it legally.

2) The costliest passport fee is the Turkish one with a whopping 166 pounds, while the UAE passport is the cheapest at only 9 pounds.

3) The Malaysian passport, which is the eighth most powerful in the world, is the first to include biometric features which is now being followed by most other countries.

4) Austrians are allowed to have two copies of their passport to circumvent certain travel restrictions.

5) The Nicaraguan passport allegedly is the least forgeable travel document in the world with almost 90 security features, including bi-dimensional barcodes, holograms and watermarks.

6) The Finnish passport has a mini-flip-book-like feature of a walking moose.

7) The Canadian passport has certain features which can be seen under black light for authentication.

8) Afghanistan has the fewest visa-free access at 28 countries.

9) Sweden, Finland, UK and Germany have the most visa-free access at 174 countries.

10) Hong Kong issues two types of passports; the Overseas British National passport for its permanent residents who were born there when it was still a British colony,  and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport, which is a Chinese passport. 

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