Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 10 Most Beautiful Mosques in Malaysia

So a few weeks ago I wrote about what I felt are the most beautiful Hindu temples in Malaysia. (Link: Since you guys loved it, now I decided to list down the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia based on architecture. So here we go. Buckle up!

10) Zahir Mosque

This mosque is one of the oldest in the country, especially in terms of having a Moorish architecture. Built in 1912, the site was initially the resting place for the patriots who died in the war of Kedah against Siam. The style is inspired by Azizi Mosque in the town of Langkat, Northern Sumatera. The mosque has one large main dome and five smaller domes which symbolize the five Pillars of Islam. Other Kedahan tourist attractions such as the Sultan's Gallery is situated nearby.

Source: Google Images

9) Blue Mosque

Officially known as the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, this is the country's largest mosque. Most famous for its iconic blue and silver dome, the mosque has a minaret at each corner. The mosque is filled with beautiful calligraphy work and carvings of Quranic verses. Because of the blue stained glass windows, the mosque has a peaceful bluish ambiance on sunny days.

Source: Google Images

8) Sultan Sulaiman Royal Mosque

Built in Klang, this is the royal mosque of the state of Selangor. This mosque's design is neo-classical architecture. The main building of this mosque is octagonal. The domes are semi-circular and painted yellow to represent the colour of royalty. Its main dome is double layered, with a small dome on top of a larger one. The British influence is evident through Tatarias bas-relief style. This can be seen from the structural reinforcement in the mosque or at the windows and doors.

Source: Google Images

7) Kapitan Keling Mosque

This Penang mosque's architecture speaks much of its history. Built by 19th century Indian Muslim traders, it has a resemblance to mosques in South India. Since this reflect the former British colonial outpost's multiracial society, it is one of the island's main landmarks. The interior has white marble floors white exterior is mostly yellow. Following a recent renovation, calligraphy was added to the interior of the main dome and walls. The mosque is located within the core zone of the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Source: Google Images

6) Al-Bukhari Mosque

Named after the famous billionaire and philanthropist who financed the its construction, the Al-Bukhari Mosque is located in Alor Setar. The sanctuary was inspired from the architecture of Sheikh Abdul Samad's tomb as found in Natanz, Iran. The towers are designed after those of the Nabawi Mosque in Medina. The Burma Teak pulpit is a replica of those in Medina's Qiblatain Mosque and Cairo's Qaitbay Mamluks. Including the main dome, the mosque has seven of them altogether, decorated with Quaranic verses. The mosque's square has plain ponds and waterways in specialized geometric structure which are based on the architecture at the tomb of Imam Albukhary in Samarkhand, Uzbekistan.

Source: Google Images

5) Putra Mosque

Despite its strategic location next to the grand Perdana Putra and the Putrajaya Lake, the Putra Mosque has never been overshadowed by its iconic neighbours. In fact, the mosque has grown to serve as an important landmark in its own right for the new Malaysian administrative city of Putrajaya. The new mosque heavily incorporates Persian architecture, and this is evident in its large pinkish dome and archways. Walking into the mosque is almost entering a mosque in the Middle East. However, there are element of traditional Malay architecture in its design.

Source: Google Images

4) Jerteh Hadhari Mosque

The first thing that strikes you about this mosque is the stunning red domes. From the outside, the mosque resembles the Prophet's mosque in Medina. But on the inside, the architecture looks very much like a Spanish mosque built during the golden age of Andalusia. With its gateways painted with stripes and carved with Mediterranean motives, the mosque looks more like one in Cordoba instead of Terengganu.

Source: Google Images

3) Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque

The design of this Pahang state mosque is the culmination of two different art forms; from Ottoman mosques and Byzantine churches. It cleverly combines elements of the Byzantine Haghia Sophia with traditional Islamic architecture. Four semi-circular domes surround the four corners of the flank with a main dome that dominates the top of the main worship space. Blue and green colours are mainly used for the mosque, further enchancing the tranquil atmosphere of the whole area.

Source: Google Images

2) Federal Territory Mosque

The mosque is a clever blend of both Malay and Ottoman architecture. Its stunning blue domes contributes to its high resemblance to the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, which has in turn earned it a reputation of its own. Unlike other Malaysian mosques that might only have one dome, this one has twenty two of them!

Source: Google Images

1) Ubudiah Mosque

According to popular opinion, this is the most beautiful mosque in Malaysia. The simple black and white motifs of the minarets contrasts with the bright gold colour of the domes. The central dome is one of the biggest in the region, and there are four smaller ones as well. This mosques has more minarets than any other in the country. Located in the royal town of Perak, the mosque's architecture is of the Indo-Saracenic style.

Source: Google Images

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  2. Kangga you miss out on Masjid Selat Melaka. It is beautiful.

  3. When i see the beauty of the mosques, i remember my Hajj in 2004 and that the mosque is like the heart of a muslim community, Asalamu Aleikum.

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  5. Ma sha allah very beautiful mosques

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