Saturday, August 25, 2012

Batman 4: The Dark Knight Returns

"Reboot" is the new name for "remake" these days. Unlike "remake", "reboot" implies the studio and the producers are breathing in a new vibe and a whole new story line for a movie saga that has already been made by maintaining the original premises  and signing off the previous cast and crew of the older version.

It is too obvious to fans of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy that the franchise has not completely ended despite the fact that the director and main lead have confirmed they will not return for a fourth installment. This franchise already has a strong fan base worldwide. It is seriously doubtful if the producers are just going to leave it there untouched with all the money they can make out of it. Remember the Star Wars Trilogy? That can happen again anytime, only with a different director and main lead.

1. Robin as The Wonder Boy

Quite unlikely since Officer John Blake's name already contains the name 'Robin.'

2. Robin as the New Batman

In the comic books, Robin became the new Batman temporarily after Wayne's alleged death. This could be a potential plot for the producers to pick up on. Seriously, how many superheroes does one city need? Suppose a new super villain suddenly appears in Gotham, or maybe The Joker had escaped from Blackgate Prison during the events of the third film and is wrecking havoc in the city. So Batman is once again needed, but Bruce Wayne has been made unavailable. Since John Blake had inherited the Bat Cave, it is only fit that he emerge as the new Batman.

3. Robin as Nightwing

After growing tired of being a sidekick, Robin renames himself Nightwing. It is uncertain how far the producers will go with this idea since there was never an actual Robin to start with. But having a whole new hero would be a great idea. Just like Batman's suit, Robin's Nightwing costume was a high-tech suit specially designed for his high-flying acrobatic style.

4. Return of The Joker and The Scarecrow

There is almost no doubt that Cillian Murphy will return to perform a cameo as The Scarecrow since he has been doing that exact some thing for the pass two sequels. But will fans be eager to see the return of The Joker? But with Health Ledger no longer with us, who could play that role as brilliantly as he did? Johnny Depp, Health's good friend seems capable of playing creepy characters like that. But it might be quite a risk since fans might not be too welcoming in seeing another actor play such an iconic character.

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  1. If there was a come back of the Joker, I believe that if the right actor was picked, that it would be a good plot. Even much more if the catwoman, and a plot being about the penguin. Yes, Heath Ledger did an outstanding job playing that part, but so did Jack Nicholson in the 1989, Tim Burton version of Batman. After I seen his role at the Joker, I really didn't believe that anyone else could own that role as Jack did until Heath came along. So to be honest, I cant help but now believe that there would be someone who can take the part of complexity that is the Joker like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.

    But here is an idea. Since the Joker, Two Face, Bane, and Catwoman have been shown. Why not bring in the Riddler, (in which for some stupied reason I would see Leonardo DiCaprio playing), and the before mentioned Penguin.

    Or, since Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have run off together. Why not have John Blake face off as the new Batman against Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley (aka Poison Ivy).