Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beach Girlz

Have you watched Tamil talk shows? They are just plain boring. Partly because movie stars are worshiped as deities in in the Tamil world. Fans, and I mean fanatic, die-hard, hardcore fans, might get offended if their idols are made a fool of on television. So I suppose that is why most of these talk shows are extremely formal. I would love to see Letterman, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel or Graham Norton do something similar! Haha!

Recently, I came across this amazing talk show on YouTube. It is quite new and it airs on an Indian network called Raj TV, which is less popular in Malaysia compared to Sun TV, Jaya TV, Makkal TV or Vijay TV which can be found on the ASTRO cable system. The show is called Beach Girlz. 

The two hosts of the show are Bhavana and Kalyani. They are unarguably the best Tamil TV anchors India has ever had. They are bubbly, cheerful, funny, sporting and completely lovable. Above that all, they love to poke fun at their guests and themselves as well. The concept of the show is nice, which is that of a tropical beach. The guests get lots of prizes too. I totally fell in love with the show after watching one episode in which singer turned dubbing artiste Chinmayi was in. I was instantly smitten. 

The crazy yet lovable Bhavana (right) and Kalyani (left). 

There are basically five rounds in the show:

1. Lifeguard Round

Here, both Bhavana and Kalyani would take turns to narrate a story to the guest, in which he or she will have to then make up an interesting climax. I personally don't enjoy this round because the guest has to be particularly smart and funny to come up with a great ending to match the girls' stories. It might not be the best way to start the talk show. Producers should seriously consider changing this round to something more engaging. Some viewers, maybe even the guests on the show, might doze off while listening to the hosts' lengthy narrations.

Actor Jai as a guest on the show

2. Stress Buster 

Now the fun really starts. The guests have to pick five balls from a container and pass them to the hosts, who would later make the guests do something completely silly; something like a little truth or dare game. My most favourite episode was when comedian Vivek came on the show and the hosts dared him to do all sort of stuff; from imitating an adamant kid to faking punch dialogues. He also never misses a chance to mock the social lives of the Indian people, like when he said that the fact Chennai boys use the famous Marina Beach as their toilet destroys the beach's reputation as a world famous tourist spot. Nice.

The girls not only provide the laughs, but also laugh their hearts out at guests' reactions to their craziness. 

3. Silly Fish Round

Now this is the part that will really make you crack. The girls would take turns to ask the most silliest of questions, mostly riddles they made up themselves. My favourite episode is the one with Vishnu Vishal in it, where even the hosts could not control themselves from bursting out in laughter at the look on the poor guy's face as he struggled to answer all their silly questions. You can even hear the crew members laughing out loud, which had never happened before in the show. 

Vishnu Vishal of Vennila Kabadi Kuthu fame being ragged to bits by the girls.

4. Physical Round

This round is interesting as well. Most of the time, guests are expected to throw darts at some balloons, which each have a celebrity's photo behind them. Whichever celebrity comes up, the guest has to share some personal experience of having to work with the person, or even their personal feelings or gossips about them. My favourite episode here was when Janani Iyer was on the show and one photo that came up was that of Arya. Poor girl was bullied everyday on set by her more senior co-star. Arya's friends would come on set and pretend to be movie directors, narrating stories to Janani, pretending to be interested in casting her for their movies. When fans swarmed Arya, he would lie to them that Janani is movie star Jyothika's sister. It was hilarious because I could see myself being made fun of like that. Haha!

The hosts pour their heart and souls out in expressing every line on the show.

5. Speedboat Round

In this round, things get a little more personal since guests are asked to share their own experiences and their interests. It is somewhat like a Rapid Fire round. It is usually in this round where the girls who were once so hyperactive and bubbly suddenly turn more quiet and reserved so that the guests can speak their hearts out. Most guests would also express how much they had fun on the show since it is different than most other shows. Vivek said it beautifully that the girls have no shame and would just be themselves on screen, and that made the show work! 

All in all, I really liked the show. Some might compare it Koffee With Karan. But this show is more of my taste because it is not all about getting movie stars into trouble by badmouthing their co-stars and rivals on TV. Also the laughs provided thanks to the creative hosts is totally refreshing. So far, not many big stars have come on the show. Most who come are veteran stars, comedians, singers, producers, directors, TV soap opera actors, upcoming actors and new faces in the industry. I would love to see Surya or Vijay on a show like this. Santhanam would be even better as he is the only one who I feel can match these girls' wit!

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