Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Madam Clara's Visit!

My birthday month was not kind on me... with the passing on of someone very dear to me and all... But not all was bad. My beloved tutor from Gaya came down to Plymouth on an official visit. It was so good to finally meet Madam Clara after almost one whole year!

This was when we had a barbecue somewhere during the end of May last year to celebrate our last few days in Sabah before we all returned home and got ready to leave for UK. Don't really have a picture with Madam Clara. But trust me, she was there with her cute granddaughter and we had lots of fun!

Earlier that year, our class threw her a surprise birthday party. To me, it was one of our most heart-rendering moments together. Her sister had past away earlier that month and she was too sad to remember her own special day. It was our surprise that brought a smile to her face after so many days. She was pleased and it was a truly meaningful day for all of us.

As part of her visit, a few friends and I took her around Plymouth's city center. We shopped at the all the famous places - Drake Circus, Royal Parade... you name it. Madam had a few things she needed to buy back for her family at home.

Thank God we had Pijan and Syafiq with us, who are football fans. They knew which jersey to buy for which football team with the right colour coding at the right price. Qis and the girls helped Madam out with the English tablecloths and baby wear.

And of course, there was me. Always taking pictures all the time! Hehe... For lunch, we had a nice big meal at Nawrooz. Madam was naturally surprised to see the size of the chicken piece they served there. But she definitely enjoyed her meal, especially the soup they serve for starters.

A few days later, we had a little gathering at the guest house where Madam stayed. Dinner that evening was potluck style. I prepared chocolate cake for dessert. There was much dispute on whether I baked it myself or bought if from Asda... and I don't plan to reveal it here.

We definitely had a great time together. It is not always we get to meet like this. We missed Madam and we surely missed each other. It was just like old times...

Since we had agreed that we would take turns to prepare dinner for Madam, it was my turn to cook on her last day in Plymouth. Faiz, Eunice and I cooked her some nice sweet and sour chicken with some Papadoms. They both don't go together, but they surely made a decent meal. Tan and our senior David made some mixed veggie with some light snacks.

Madam surely enjoyed her meal, though I knew she's not the type who goes for second rounds. But it was a pleasant evening though.

Madam also told me about her plans while she was still here in Europe. She had Qis help her plan a trip to Paris and a few other places. After all, she herself was not very sure when she would get this similar opportunity again. She might as well use this chance to travel around.

I did not wake up in time the next morning to send her off as I overslept like a pig. I would surely miss Madam. She is the type of lecturer, or teacher as I would say, who never keeps any ill feelings towards others. She is forever forgiving and kind in her words, not to mention soft-spoken and completely humble despite her position as a college lecturer.

I miss you, Madam............

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