Monday, March 28, 2011

SAMPO and The Art of Ruining Friendships

Today was really a very depressing day. I had seen it coming a long time ago. I just never expected it to happen so late. Right now. I had anticipated it long ago. And I had grown tired of waiting that I grew overconfident that it would never hit me.

Boy was I wrong... because today it gave me a slap on the face!

What is this 'it'? Alright... drum roll please! Wait for it... Wait for it...

MORAL POLICE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. Recently I, or at least my best friend was visited by one of these Self-Appointed Moral Police Officers (SAMPO). Nice acronym, eh?

Now, my best friend is a well-behaved, cheerful young lady. The most adorable little thing. Knowing her and not befriending her would be one of the biggest lost someone could afford in their lifetime. Trust me - she's a gift from God: a good friend, a good big sister I dare say.

So my best friend and I always hang out together. We chat together, we hang out together. We usually hang out in a gang. We have never been alone without anyone knowing because that would be wrong as it would rise suspicion. That won't look nice. But we're almost always together. Because that's what besties do! They hang out, and share stuff.

Then what does this have to do with the SAMPO?

Well I noticed that my best friend had been keeping away from me for the pass few days, and I had no idea why. Was it something I said? I didn't know. Assuming she was busy with assignments and stuff, I simply ignored it. But only tonight, with much difficulty, she told me the truth.

A SAMPO had approached her and told her to not be so close with me as it is sinful. I was like... WHAAAAAAAAATTTTT????!

First of all: Reality check. The last time I checked, it was never sinful for a boy and girl to hang out together in an open space, before dozens of eyes, WITH other people present, by respecting certain boundaries. No scriptures have mentioned any such thing as far as I know. And if they did, then person with a BFF from the opposite gender will burn in hell!

Secondly: That SAMPO clearly did not do their homework. They should have asked people, or at least have the decency to look more closely! What were they thinking?

Thirdly: I suppose because of their dumb, conservative, back-warded mentality, they most probably have no friends. Even if they did, they would not have a friendship as pure and sacred as my BFF and I share. So, there's a chance they're jealous!

Fourthly: I know it. My BFF knows it. Our friends know it. God knows it. Bloody Satan knows it! That my bestie and I are like brother and sister. We make it so obvious. People don't make fun of each other so childishly unless they're good friends. Everyone is on Facebook; and it's right there so clear for everyone to see and judge correctly! Only a person who has failed to enjoy God's blessings in the form of a good friend will not understand the truth behind such a sacred relationship, regardless of the people's gender, race or religion.

Fifth and lastly: Really, I think that's all of it. I'm pissed.

I feel bad for my BFF. Imagine you sharing a good friendship with a guy with no other intention besides having a brother far from your family, and then someone comes up to you and simply bluntly tells you the way your relationship with this guy has been going appears to be IMMORAL?! As nicely as it may have been put, it's like a tight slap on the face, right?

I don't blame my BFF in any way. Of course she feels bad for herself that she has given people the impression that she is immoral. No girl would want to feel that way. No person would want to feel that way for goodness sake. Imagine how she must have felt having to keep away from me, then just telling it to me with such a heavy heart. She was reluctant to do so out of fear I would misjudge her too.

You might think, with us being a part of a society like ours, we would stop being friends or at least stop hanging out.


We're friends: we share a bond brought together by fate, and we're soooooo not bringing it to an end just because of what people think. Sure it troubles us that people would think of us as such. But then, no! In God's name; NO! She's my sister, I'm her brother! No blood relation needed! Boundaries respected; that's all that matter to us.

For that SAMPO out there, and all those like him, I just want to say; I'm not mad at you. I pity you for living in that little shell of yours. I don't even want to know who you are, and I'm pretty sure I don't need my BFF to tell me. Because if she did, God forbid what might happen. I might end up being like you; being so judgmental about everyone who does not see things the way you do!

I suppose these SAMPO people might be arrogant enough to think, that by quoting from the scriptures, they lead the most God-blessed lifestyle to ensure them a place in Paradise, and that everything I'm saying makes me a sinner.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but religious extremists also assume the same thing. Look at how they live! Women's rights violated, innocent lives lost daily in large numbers, lack of socio-politic progress. You really want to be compared to THEM?!

So everyone has a different way of interpreting holy scriptures. The reason: people are diverse and they view things differently. As long as they don't harm anyone else, it's alright to the world. Or at least the sensible ones living in it.

This SAMPO; I suppose God is laughing His heart out at this person.

There is one way of serving Him. By doing good in this world; helping the needy, doing charity, making people happy, doing some environmental work, NOT TRYING TO RUIN FRIENDSHIPS! Things like that.

Then, there is the other way. By (forgive my language) ass-kissing Him, or in better words, flattering him over the top. This is often done by telling Him over and over and over and over and over again how much you love Him, spreading His teaching to others in the interpretation YOU believe to be right, bombing a public place thus killing billions of innocent women and children expecting to be go straight to heaven for 'dying in the name of God', TRYING TO ACT AS A MORAL POLICE and so much more.

I sincerely apologize if what I've said has offended anyone, but I mean it in nicest way possible. I pray for you, that God may open your eyes to see how beautiful people really are... and how beautiful the PLATONIC relationships between different people of different genders, races and religions can actually be. When there is platonic love, lust is out of the way. There is only trust.

For all I know, that SAMPO might not be like the other ones. He/she might have advised my BFF out of pure concern of what people might think or say of us. Then, I pray you forgive me for misjudging you. And I pray you pray for some maturity for yourself.

Most importantly, I also pray that God would not feel my heart with so much hatred, and that He may bless me with the ability to forgive your sins towards us. Whoever you are, you have almost tarnished a friendship between two harmless servants of God who have never meant any harm towards you.

God bless...


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