Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What can I say? Gautham Menon and AR Rahman join hands to make a romantic musical? What else??? It spell MAGICAL... and that is what the movie Vinaythandi Varuvaaya has to present to audience. Not exactly a fresh new story, but personally I find it a breath of fresh air after a string of masala films from the Tamil film industry.


Gautham Menon directed and wrote the script of the movie. There is ABSOLUTELY no denial that Gautham tries very hard in giving all of his movies a Hollywood touch - no matter how much he may try to deny it. But that is what makes his movies special. Zero masala spices in his movies. This factor simply gives his movies a breath of fresh air... a certain uniqueness I must say. Let's analyze these few lines from the film shall we?

Karthik (Simbu): I see her back more often that her front, not that I'm complaining.

Karthik (Simbu): It was a one way ticket to heartbreak city.

...and also not to mention the limited but the super obvious use of the 'f' word.

You never hear these kind of lines in your usual Vijay-styled Tamil films. Mostly, there are English lines in the rap music to the dappa kuttu songs. Urban Tamil movie-goers might either appreciate the use of these lines, or simply find them irritating.

But how can one say argue that the narration is such a beauty. The story is typical old-school. Guy loves girl, girl loves guy. Both from different caste/social status/religion. Parents don't approve of the union, particularly girls's dad. Girl's rowdy big brother tries to beat hero up, but hero manages to beat big brother and big brother's gang up instead. Yawn....zzzzzz.......

Even the tagline says: Another love story, yet again!!! Gautham Menon has some guts eh???

But the narration is absolutely beautiful. In an interview, Menon stated the movie is not just about a simply, lighthearted love story. It is about an intense love story. Well, the man is right. It is most definitely an intense love story. There is lots of melodramatic dialogue - but not your average Tamil movie type. Truly natural, something you could hear in everyday life type of dialogue. If you have the right heart, it's sure to get touched...


What can I say? IT'S AR RAHMAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!! The man is a genius! Both songs and background music can simply touch your heart and it sticks to you head. The background score at the beginning really gives you an instant feeling of how the movie is going to be. There is even a short Mozart-styles background music when Karthik (Simbu) sees Jessie (Trisha) for the first time. It REALLY sounds like some Renaissance era symphony. The man definitely deserves the title The Mozart of Madras.

As a fanatic AR Rahman fan, I really missed his romantic musicals such as Jeans, Bombay, Iruvar, Kandukondain Kandukondain, Kadhalar Dhinam, Kadhal Desam, Uyire, Mudhalvan, Mr. Romeo and many more. Remember how the songs and background score of these films would stick to your mind day and night, and you would hum it even when you're in the shower, and you wake up after a short afternoon nap and they play in your head as you watch the sunset? Now, Vinaythandi Varuvaaya shall become the latest member of this genre of films.

Since the movie is about a Nasrani (Malayalee Christian) girl, some Christian terminology can be found in some of the songs like Hosanna. Gautham Menon, being part Malayalee has made a wonderful effort in trying to promote his Malayalee culture. Aaromale is completely in Malayalam. Even some Malayalee worlds like Omane Penne (Beautiful Maiden) can be found. The mother of director Rajiv Menon, who was once Gautham Menon's boss lends her voice in one of the songs.


Honestly, I swore never to watch , talk about or encourage anyone to watch this film when I first found out that Simbu was the hero. I loathed him because of his bad boy. Furthermore, all his previous movies had been pure masala entertainers. So not my type. But then the name Gautham Menon popped up and I though, "Oh...ok? This should be interesting..."

Gautham has somehow redesigned Simbu's image. There are no corny punch lines in this movie. No steamy sex scenes. No ridiculous dance numbers. No dumb fight scenes. There is, however, a little bit of everything - which is executed very subtlety in a typical Hollywood-ish Gautham Menon style. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, being probably the last person on earth to ever call himself a fan of Simbu- but Simbu did a great job in this movie. You should really watch the scene in Central Park, New York. With the magical background music and the beautiful lines, not forgetting Simbu's lovely facial expression - you might let out a tear or two...

Trisha is absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, stunning.... whatever you want to call her. But not in a vulgar way. Unlike her previous movies, she wears almost no revealing attire in this film. In fact, she dons Sarees and Punjabi suits most of the time - exactly like a Nasrani girl. Her acting is okay. What's best is here she is given a meaty role - unlike most of her other movies where she is expected to be just eye candy and the male lead or hero grabs the spotlight entirely for himself. In this movie, Trisha has an equally important role as Simbu.

Conclusion: (Wow, like assignment huh??)

This is a movie one should watch with friends or spouse. It is not meant for family audience. Honestly, I felt awkward during the swearing and kissing scenes. Hahaha.... But if you're a fan of AR Rahman, Gautham Menon, Simbu and Trisha - then this is the movie for you. Go have fun.


  1. AR rahman mmg cool lah!..
    tamil's film really best lah.Tmbh2 part lawan2..
    mmg lah kalau fikir,mmg tak logik,
    tapi menda yg tak logik tuh lah yg unik and yg ppl minat..